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The bank card paying method is running through the system of CIB Bank.

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Silicium Network Informatikai Ltd. handles customer data according to the law, with maximum care and attention. We make available customer data to third parties only in special cases stated in the General Contract Conditions (ex. we provide to the deputy acting on our behalf only the minimum customer data necessary for the construction of ordered services).

Data that came to our knowledge during providing of the service, we will use only to such a pitch that makes possible the fulfilling of our obligations according to the service providing contract. We send online or post mail advertisements, as well as marketing materials only upon preliminary client consent. Furthermore, upon customer’s request, we do execute before delivery screening of unsolicited e-mails (SPAM). This is of help from us especially in cases when customer demonstrably and frequently keeps receiving e-mails from sources that he already unsubscribed from.

Should customer claim reciving of bulk e-mails (MAIL-BOMB) or unsolicited e-mails (SPAM), for investigating the case and to put an end to this situation, we contact the sender’s Internet service provider and will proceed to sanctioning of the perpetrator.

We totally agree with the accepted policy of the Internet Service Providers Borad, ”Practise to follow in faight against unsolicited e-mails”, and we consider it as applying obligatory to us. To discuss and remedy problems of such case that may occure, we mentain a special e-mail address, abuse@silicium.eu.

Our servers are placed in secured data park, and our systems are protected by firewalls. All actions on our servers are loged and saved for files for a period of 1,5 years. In case of any endanger of our customers’ or company data, we deliver our log-files over to the competent authorities.
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