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Domain registration  


Silicium Network (.hu domain Registrar), ISPC and Registration Rules

Our company (Silicium Network Ltd.) is an accredited .hu domain Registrar as a partner of the Internet Service Providers Council (ISPC).

The Council of Hungarian Internet Providers or the Registry (operated by ISZT Nonprofit Kft.) does not serve applicants directly and can not negotiate directly with them.

The full version of the Domain Registration Rules is available at http://www.domain.hu/domain/English/szabalyzat/szabalyzat.html

Is allowed to delegate .hu domain name:
» Citizen of the European Union, or private individual with residential permit in Hungary
» Organization established on the territory of the European Union

Non-Priority Demand

Entered non-priority demands are being posted on waiting list for a period of two weeks (http://www.domain.hu/domain/English/meghirdetes.html). During this period, objections regarding the domain name and priority demand can be placed. In absence of these, requested domain name will be registered under the name of the first claimant. (It is first claimant, who can prove through the registry office claim stamped with the earliest date.)
After the 14 days, controlling and registering procedures are being started. This will take 2-4 days, so the total lead-time for domain name registration is 16-18 day from the claim entering date.

Priority Demand

Priority demand is in force when:
» Requested domain name is the name of claiming organization (or its short name)
» Claimant disposes of copyright on registering contest provided by Hungarian Patent Office
» Claimant disposes of public copyright on registering contest provided by EU Patent Office, Community Trade Mark (CTM)

Names of Hungarian settlements have also priority. These names are not posted on waiting list, for these checking and registering process starts immediately, so lead-time for registration of this type of domain names is 3-4 days. With this, the local government will get the right of use for the domain name of a certain settlement. 

Registration of Personal Names

For domain names including both, Hungarian first and second names (ex. firstnamesecondname.hu or firstname-secondname.hu), we consider demands only upon certification of the right of use for the personal name. Only the name holder, or his/her authorized representative are allowed to place an application for a certain personal name. (This rule concerning personal names applies for all, known names, nicknames, alias of notorieties – like ex. nagyfero.hu, alfonzo.hu, hofigeza.hu.) Proxy Form can be downloaded from Documents menu.

Second Level Public Domain

You can require for a second level public domain when this is already taken on the first level, or registration of it with .hu is not possible at all.
The following second level domains can be registered:
2000.hu | agrar.hu | bolt.hu | casino.hu | city.hu | co.hu | erotica.hu | erotika.hu | film.hu | forum.hu | games.hu | hotel.hu | info.hu | ingatlan.hu | jogasz.hu | konyvelo.hu | lakas.hu | media.hu | news.hu | org.hu | priv.hu | reklam.hu | sex.hu | shop.hu | sport.hu | suli.hu | szex.hu | tozsde.hu | tm.hu | utazas.hu | video.hu

In these cases priority demand is not possible, and Registry (ISPC) will register the domain names in 3-4 days, without posting them for two weeks on the waiting list. Claimant of any domain names delegated immediately under the second level public domains can be any Hungarian or foreign private individual, or organization.

Hosting Service

If you intend to run your website under your domain name, and if you would also like to use e-mail addresses with your domain, please visit our Hosting Service menu, where you can choose from our uncommonly favourable hosting packages.

Technical Information

Formal Requirements

Domain names must be of minimum 2, maximum 40 characters. (Choosing of a minimum of 5, but even better, of at least 10 characters domain names is recommended.)

Type of characters that can be used for domain names are:
» Small letters of Latin and Hungarian alphabet (a-z)
» Numerical characters (0-9)
» Dashes (-)
» Domain names cannot start or end with a dash, nor it can contain two consecutive dashes.

Accentuated Domain Names

Delegating of accentuated domain names is processed also based on the Domain Registration Rules. You can read about occurring differences at http://www.domain.hu/domain/szabalyzat/ekezetes.html.

Some browsers and e-mail programs cannot properly read this type of domains, so we do not recommend at all the using of accentuated e-mail addresses. However, for searching in the browser we recommend to register besides the accentuated domain, also the non-accentuated version, and run the website under both domain names. Using and publishing of accentuated domain names in international virtual space is not luckily.

Ordering process in case of new domain demand

1. Checking of availability

Before entering your demand for a domain name you can check the availability under the http://www.domain.hu/domain/szabad-e/ adress.

If the name server is not owned by our company, so for checking the technical settings of the given domain you are required to visit the following link: http://www.domain.hu/domain/regcheck/

2. Filling of order (contract) form, attachments

2.1 Please proceed as requested under the online order menu and follow the instructions, please take advantage of our online credit card payment system which we make available for our registered customers, which is fast, reliable and the most effective way of ordering.

2.2 You can also choose to download the applying documents under the Documents menu, please fill in the forms, sign and stamp and send them to our office with the required attachments either by fax:  +36 1 700 2930, e-mail: dns_at_silicium_dot_eu or post: H-1135 Budapest, Lehel út 61.

Required attachments

In case of personal individuals:
» Doman name demanding form fully completed and certified by two attestant

In case of private enterprenour
» Domain name demanding form fully completed, with witnessed signature (two witnesses)
» Copy of entrepreneurial certificate

In case of business claimant:
» Domain name demanding form fully completed
» Copy of signature authentication
» Valid warrant from commercial register, or copy of the register

In case of Institute (foundation, association, school)
 » Copy of tax number certificate (or APEH registration form)
»  Copy of  memorandum of association (or of entry of Registry Court)
» Copy of (Bank) signature authentication.

In case of Local Government:
» Copy of tax number certificate (or APEH registration form)
» Copy of mayoral letter of credence
» Copy of bank signature authentication.

In case of attorney:
» Copy of attorney certificate
» Copy of tax number certificate

In case of doctor:
» Copy of chamber’s certificate

In case of trademark copy of trademark registration warrant. In case of changing of ownership traffic declaration with witnessed signature (two witnesses)

3. Processing of Registration

3.1 In case if you proceed your domain name registration to our online registration system and you effectuate the payment of the service by credit card, we forward your order to ISPC within 12 hours.

In case if you provide us your fully completed contract by fax or e-mail, together with all re3quired attachments, we do administrate your order and forward it to the ISPC within 48 hours.

In case of orders sent by post mail we start the registration process within 48 hours after the receipt of your order.

In each case, after we forward your order to the ISPC, we send a notification about this to the e-mail address of the administration contact, you provided on the domain order form.
In case of technical problems (ex. DNS configuration of the customer is not compliant) 
we send a notification to the e-mail address of the technical contact you provided on the order form.

3.2 After completing your order online, you have immidiate access to the final version of the Servicing Contract and the proforma invoice (saving, printing). After acceptance of these, you can go further and pay the servicing fee by credit card (approximate 1 minute).
In case you prefer to pay in different way, please follow the instructions at the online ordering section.
If you order off-line, after the receipt of the necessary documents we provide immediately a Pro Forma Invoice (and check-bill on demand). If payment is not done until the due date, we are forced to suspend the registration process. We issue the invoice about the ordered servicing and send it to you after receiving of your payment.

3.3 No matter which way an order is being processed, if we do not receive in time by the given date both, the completely filled in documents and the payment, we are forced to cancel the started process and consider your order cancelled.

4. Advice about Registration

We advice by e-mail the administrative contact* about the successful closing of the registration, or if the forwarded demand was denied for any reason. In case of unsuccessful registration, if this was caused by fault of the claimant, we an administrative fee will be charged (1.000 HUF net + VAT, 1.250 HUF gross).

* In case the Claimant has mentioned on the domain order form the man of the Registrator as administrative and technical contact, letter of advice will be sent by e-mail to Claimant’s direct e-mail address.

Cancelling of Order

Cancelling of order is possible before the domain name registration. In case of order cancelling before the building up of the service an administrative fee of 1250 HUF gross will be charged and the rest of any paid amount will be returned.

Modification of data

If your domain name was registered by us you can ask for the changing of technical contact or the name servers: please fill in a domain order form and choose modification under the type of registration section, and mention the data to be change at the reason section. This type of modification is free of charge.

If the requested modification is regarding ownership change or administrative conntact, you are requested to follow the instructions above and provide in addition a declaration about the domain name traffic, as well as the documents of the new owner (please see under attachments). Data modification administrative fee is 1000 HUF + VAT (1250 HUF gross).
(In case of domain traffic the domain order form must be filled by the new owner.)

Re-registering of domain name

In case of re-registering you must follow the same process as when registering a new domain. (Checking of domain name availability, and DNS settings etc, are of course not necessary) On the domain order form please choose the modification as type of registration and mention as reason: re-registering.

Renewing domain name or cancelling of delegation

30 days previous the expiration of domain name we notify our clients in writing by e-mail that they can renew their domain or can cancell its delegation.

If you choose to renew your domain we send a proforma invoice (or bill-check upon request) about the yearly fee of the domain servicing. If payment is not done until the due date, we are forced to cancel the domain name.


If you wish to cancel your domain name please go to the Documents menu and download the domain cancelling form; please fill it in and send it back to our office by

fax: +36 1 700 2930
e-mail: dns_at_silicium_dot_eu
or post mail: H-1137 Budapest, Radnoti Miklos utca 11. Fsz. 2.

(We recommend the fax or the e-mail to fasten the cancelling process)
Please be informed that if cancelling of domain name happens before the ending of the first year period, we do not have possibility to refund the fee for the cancelled period.

  Copyright: Silicium Network Ltd., 2014.  
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